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Suraj Shukla
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In the era of highly volatile market we want you to invest wisely and trade smartly so you can have maximum out of your money in this technological investment era. By planning and finding projects in proper way by staying away from scam projects, pump and dump schemes and fake group of shillers on public domains.

To plan your profits we will address the people of following backgrounds you can choose as per your needs.


To find proper mid/micro-cap Coins for investments you need to cover following points:-

1.Token background

2.Exchanges which it’s listed on




6. Public Domains (Social Media)

1. Token Background:-

The overall coin background and it’s motive of formation of the currency and which platform it’s build on is and important thing to proceed further. If the Background and motive are upto your satisfaction then you can proceed further.

2. Exchanges

This is the most important part as you are going to buy the token with your BTC, ETH , LTC etc. You need to have a trusted exchange where your funds can be withdrawal and deposit when needed. You should definitely do a bit research before jumping into an investment opportunity on an new exchange


Roadmap is the thing where you can see the goals of the team for a projects actually you can consider this as a deadline created by the team for themselves. Things can be delayed and postponed but it’s okay untill the team is alive and working you can verify these things on GitHub.


This is the sole representation of the project which you are going to invest in to you need to understand the white paper the goal of the project and the working of the particular project and it’s outcome from the white paper itself so, before investing



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