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Suraj Shukla
2 min readJan 2, 2021


MCP(My Crypto Play) Is Something which excites me as an Investor (yes i got the presale slot), It is an advanced Blockchain Fantasy Trading platform one of its own kind. I Personally like projects with actual use cases MCP is one of them. Yes some might debate that the team anonymous but either whole crypto is maximum anonymous space. Risk is everywhere but i have few points which needs to be discussed so i can explain My bullishness behind MCP.

The article will continue with the following points,

  1. Tokenomics
  2. Product
  3. Roadmap
  4. Partnerships


40M Total Supply 12M initial Supply that will be in circulation after the TGE, Private sale 2,000,000 5% of the Supply only, Public Sale 10,000,000 25% of the supply , Marketing they are keeping 4,000,000 10% and this same amount for listing and liquidity, Development and team tokens are also same 6,000,000 15% each and last but not the least Staking 8,000,000 20% of the supply that looks cool.


According to MCP website they have in their roadmap that they will be live on Playstore and Apple app store by Feb 2021 hence, Its important that we discuss about the app and lovely wireframes the team has provided on the website. The Application will have interface for fantasy trading platform on blockchain Interesting. Within the application you will be finding to challenge your friends, participating in an ongoing tournament of fantasy trading with the interface shown above.



product Launch on @GooglePlay @AppleStore by feb 2021

Exploring tier 2&3 listings Staking & wallet launch Public sale for retail investors


tier 1 CEX Traditional market support on $MCP $MCP virtual contest mode launch Fantasy portfolio contests

These are key Highlights on the Roadmap


Partnership with Nerd Finance

In an Outstanding Performance MCP Broke the news of Partnership With Nerd Finance as soon as the project is launched so that's a great news for investors as well as all the people interested in $MCP



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