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Suraj Shukla
3 min readJan 4, 2021


Today in this article i will be discussing the Price Potential of MyCryptoPlay (MCP), I came across few of the centralized Fantasy platforms and from that i came to know how big the market is for Fantasy Trading/Gaming with help of it many practice trading as well as Trade for fun but, in crypto community which a bit small compared to centralized fantasy games Hence we can speculate the future price for MCP. To do this Comparison i have few companies which we will discuss in further article.

I tried to find in many ways to find a perfect comparison for MCP but didn't find an exact platform you can guess how the unique the idea it is it has an upper edge in this first very step. Anyways, I found Fantasy Gaming Platform which might be near to MCP but Games has larger audience and that's currently exception in our Crypto ecosystem.

1. Dream11 Fantasy Pvt. Ltd.

This was found to me the nearer competitor for MCP yes it doesn't deal in Currencies and nor MCP deals in Games but due to Fantasy in both , they can be compared somehow

Dream 11 total market cap currently is 500M i brought this figure from comparing its yearly Revenue you can check it on the given links below Hence, Dream11 is not a stock market listed company its all figures were difficult to find out but i managed to get them. even if we consider the users and not so craze for trading then also the token value according to supply goes as, 250M (Adjusted to compare with MCP) / 40M = 6.25$ Can be the projected token value in future for an each MCP isn't it that insane.

2.Mobile Premiere League (MPL)

This was the second closer competitor i found this is also involved in fantasy gaming but it also has small small mobile games integrated where players get entry with some minimum amount and in return whoever wins gets the whole entry amount collected its a different concept but it is involved in Fantasy gaming hence comparing. It has a total Market cap of 50M this is also picked from the same website mentioned in courtesy. even if we compare this 50M to be the Market cap of MCP then, 50M/40M= 1.25$ Can be the projected token value for MCP this might be a quite decent projection for the Future of MCP.

3.The top 10 competitors average 82.6M

The whole Centralized Fantasy gaming competitors average around 82.6M for all top 10 list of mobile applications and website from that you can yourself figure out the future held in MCP.

I personally Invested in MCP hence i was figuring out the value of token and decided to share it here, there is no personal benefit behind this article purely for all MCP investors or for those who want to be a investor.


all the figures are taken from https://www.owler.com/



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