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Suraj Shukla
3 min readJun 16, 2020


MimbleWimble is the Phrase mostly known to Harry potter fans out there but in Crypto “MimbleWimble” is a Name for Privacy Protocol associated with “Grin” Crypto Asset trade able on Bitrexx Exchange New Updates Has Shifted the Focus back to grin in 2020. Today I want to share the backgrounds of the protocol to the upcoming updates and its huge potential in whole Crypto Community. MimbleWimble provides an excellent framework for a blockchain that has good scalability, privacy, and fungibility.


♦ Blocks in Mimblewimble have all their constituent transactions aggregated into one giant transaction, erasing the original transaction boundaries. The initial block download further benefits from cut-through, in which all spent outputs cancel against corresponding inputs, erasing most of the blockchain history.

♦ Mimblewimble uses elliptic-curve cryptography that requires smaller keys than other cryptography types. In a network that is using the Mimblewimble protocol, there are no addresses on the blockchain, and the network’s data storage is highly efficient.

♦Private Transaction is the point where Mimblewimble comes into the picture. The protocol proposes a much more efficient system, eliminating inputs and outputs. The UTXO model is replaced by one multisignature for all inputs and outputs which are called Confidential Transactions. If A wants to send B a coin, both A and B create a multisignature key that is used to verify the transaction.

♦The only verification needed in the Mimblewimble protocol is to check that no new coins were created and that the parties taking part in the transaction have ownership of their keys. Both verification processes use the blinding factor to keep the transaction value private.

♦The important feature of Mimblewimble regarding scalability is “Cut Through”. A single block consists of n nos of transactions as well as plenty of information that needs to be stored on the blockchain. However, these blocks can be compressed with Mimblewimble’s Cut Through feature as a large part of the info can be removed from the blocks without risking the security of the blockchain.

Upcoming Updates:-

♦Network Fork near a month far

Hard Fork Block Height 786,240 Hard Fork Date (expected)2020–07–15

♦v4.0.0 beta testing Done and its stable so far.

♦Testing instructions and results for Node and Wallet, looks promising so far.

Potentials of MimbleWimble:-

♦With all of the above points it looks a good time ahead for Grin within the privacy protocol space , the Mimblewimble is the only which can be adopted.

♦With The Upcoming wallet updates it will definitely be stable day by day.

♦Currenty Hovering near to all time lows it may be a best buy in the privacy protocol space with 10X Potentials for this price point



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